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Discipline Cheat Sheet

Auspex vs. Obfuscate
Animalism | Auspex | Dominate | Obfuscate | Presence
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Italics detail passages found in V:tM only / (italics) detail passages found in V:tDA only

Auspex vs. Obfuscate

Vampire: The Masquerade (pg 163)

When Obfuscate is used against a Cainite who possesses a higher Auspex than the character’s Obfuscate, the character is unable to conceal himself from the searcher. However, if the hider’s Discipline is higher, then the Cainite is fooled normally.

Vampire: The Dark Ages (pg 154)

(When a vampire attempts to use her heightened perceptions to discover a hidden opponent, she sees him if her Auspex rating is higher than his Obfuscate. If his Obfuscate outranks her Auspex, he remains undiscovered. If the two are equal, both vampires make a resisted roll of Perception + Subterfuge (Auspex) vs. Manipulation + Subterfuge (Obfuscate). The difficulty for the roll is 7, and the character with the most successes wins.)


Auspex vs. Obfuscate

• Heightened Senses : automatic

• • Aura Perception / Soulsight : Perception + Empathy vs. 8

1 success only distinguish the shade (pale or bright)
2 successes can distinguish color as well
3 successes patterns can be recognized
4 successes subtle shifts can be detected
5 successes can identify mixtures of color and pattern
A botch indicates a misleading interpretation

• • • The Spirit’s Touch : Perception + Empathy vs. varies

• • • • Telepathy / Steal Secrets : Intelligence + Subterfuge vs. Willpower
(vs. current Willpower)
One Willpower must be spent to read Cainite minds.

••••• Psychic Projection / Anima Walk : Perception + Occult vs. varies
One Willpower
A new roll must be made each time the character chooses a new destination.
Failure indicate the character is lost. A botch indicates that the silver cord has snapped.
One Willpower point must be spent to manifest.

••••• • Clairvoyance / Farsight : Perception + Empathy vs. 6

••••• • Telepathic Communication : Charisma + Empathy vs. current Willpower


• Sweet Whispers / Feral Speech : Eye-contact required.
mental communication (verbal communication)
Manipulation + Animal Ken vs. 6 to get the animal to perform small favours.

• • The Beckoning / Noah’s Call : Charisma + Survival vs.

6 normal (all rats in the sewer)
7 all rats with white fur
8 specific rat
1 success one animal responds
2 successes a quarter of the animals who hear
3 successes half of the animals respond
4 successes most of the animals respond
5 successes all of the animals respond
May not call animals of different species. Only one summons may be active at a time and a call cannot be cancelled once it has been made.

• • • Song of Serenity / Cowing the Beast : Extended roll : Manipulation + Empathy vs. 7, successes equal to target’s Willpower
(Manipulation + Intimidation)
Touch is required. Kindred are immune to this power.


equal or lower generation (lower generation only)

• Command the Wearied Mind / Observance of the Spoken Word : Manipulation + Intimidation vs. Willpower
One word command. Ambiguous word causes the subject to react with temporary confusion (subject may be slow to respond or clumsy in his performance). More successes force the target to act with greater vigor.

• • Mesmerize / Murmur of the False Will : Manipulation + Leadership vs. Willpower
Suggestion. Immediate or triggered. Target will unconsciously attempt to pervert the suggestion. Only one suggestion may be implanted in a subject at a time.
Less than three successes, the subject cannot be forced to do anything that is strange to her. Less than five successes, cannot endanger the subject. Five and above successes, nearly any command can be made, unless against subject’s innate Nature or forcing the subject to harm herself.

• • • The Forgetful Mind / Reveler’s Memory : Wits + Subterfuge vs. Willpower

1 success memory loss lasts but a day
2 successes may remove, but not alter memory
3 successes slight alterations to memory
4 successes alter or remove entire scene
5 successes whole periods of subject’s life may be reconstructed
(To uncover removed memories or detect created memories, the character must possess at least the level of Dominate of the original vampire, and roll Wits + Subterfuge vs. the Willpower of the original vampire, gaining more successes than the original attempt.)

• • • • Conditioning / Lure of Subtle Whispers : Charisma + Leadership vs. Willpower
Once Conditioned, subject needs only be within earshot of vampire. No roll required unless subject cannot see the vampire at all (is totally isolated), and even if roll is failed, subject is likely to carry out part of the orders given.
Other vampire’s difficulty to Dominate subject is raised by two.

••••• Possession / Vessel : Opposed : target rolls Willpower, Possessor rolls Charisma + Intimidation (diff 7 for both). Target loses one Willpower for each success the attacker rolls above the target. Target gains one extra die for next roll per success over attacker.
A botch makes the subject permanently immune to the vampire’s Dominate attempts. Only non-Canites may be affected by this power.


Vampire Player’s Guide 2nd Edition (pg 74)

••••• • Obedience : The vampire may use other powers of Dominate with a mere touch, instead of eye-contact.

••••• • Loyalty : Add five dice to a victim’s Willpower Dice Pool for the purpose of resisting Dominate attempts by anyone other than the vampire who originally implanted the Loyalty.

••••• • Rationale : Manipulation + Subterfuge vs. Wits + Self-Control

1 success target will not believe that he has been Dominated – at least at first
2 successes target believes that his actions are his own, but will begin to suspect something after time has gone by
3 successes target will insist his actions are entirely his own, but can be talked out of it, given time.
4 successes target is convinced that he is under his own volition, and can only be talked out of it if shown absolute and convincing evidence
5 successes nothing can convince the target that he has been Dominated, no matter the evidence presented. target will become enraged if the point is pressed too far

••••• • Tranquillity : Willpower vs. 9
Target may assist, lowering difficulty by one for every success on a Path roll (diff 7)
3 successes will calm the target’s frenzy. A botch causes the target to attack the character.
This power may only be attempted once per frenzy.


Auspex vs. Obfuscate

• Cloak of Shadows : automatic
Vampire must remain immobile and partial cover must be maintained.

• • Unseen Presence : automatic
Wits + Stealth (3 successes) to remain unseen after speaking.

• • • Mask of a Thousand Faces : Manipulation + Acting vs. 7

1 success slight differences in appearance
2 successes looks somewhat different; subjects describe him differently
3 successes appears as he desires
4 successes appearance, mannerisms and voice completely transform
5 successes may appear as someone vastly different (age/sex/size)

• • • • Vanish from Mind’s Eye : Charisma + Stealth vs. Wits + Alertness
At 4 successes, the vampire completely disappears.
At 3 or less, the vampire fades, becoming an indistinct, ghostlike figure.
With more successes than target’s Willpower, target completely forgets the vampire.
The vampire must leave immediately or be remembered.

••••• Cloak the Gathering : As per appropriate power, one roll determines the effectiveness for the group
Conceal one additional individual per point of Stealth
If one character compromises the obfuscate, then it drops only for her. If the obfuscating vampire compromises the veil, then the Cloak drops completely.


• Gleam of Red Eyes / Witness of Darkness : automatic / one turn
Perfect sight in normal darkness, limited vision in absolute darkness. Eyes will glow red.

• • Wolf Claws / Talons of the Beast : automatic / one blood / one turn
Claws cause aggravated wounds, +2 dice damage.

• • • Earth Meld / Interred in the Earth : automatic / one blood

• • • • Shadow of the Beast / Form of the Beast : automatic / one blood / three turns
or three blood / one turn
Transforms into a wolf or bat.

••••• Form of Mist / Body of Spirit : automatic / one blood / three turns
or three blood / one turn
Float in any direction at walking speed, unaffected by physical attacks, and can slip through tiny openings.
One less die of damage from sunlight. Wind cannot tear the mist form apart, but can blow it as any other object. In such an event, only Potence may be used to resist.


• Awe : Charisma + Acting vs. 7

1 success one person
2 successes two people
3 successes six people
4 successes twenty people
5 successes everyone in the immediate vicinity (eg an entire auditorium of people)
Character becomes intensely attractive, emotionally affecting audience favourably toward her.

• • Dread Gaze : Charisma + Intimidation vs. Wits + 3
Requires exhibition of full vampiric powers.
Success indicates that victim is cowed, above two success indicates that he runs away in fear. Each success also reduces the Dice Pool of the victim for the next turn by one.
While this power may be employed only once a turn, successes can be accumulated as an extended roll until the target has no Dice Pool left, unable to do anything but curl on the ground and weep. Failure indicates that the attempt has faltered, all collected successes are lost and the victim may act normally again.

• • • Entrancement : Appearance + Empathy vs. Willpower 1 success one hour
2 successes one day
3 successes one week
4 successes one month
5 successes one year
Target will become enchanted with you and desire to serve your needs, though retaining her freedom of action and creativity.

• • • • Summon : Charisma + Subterfuge vs.

5 normal
7 stranger
4 previously felt character’s Presence
8 previously resisted character’s Presence 1 success approaches slowly and hesitantly
2 successes approaches reluctantly, easily thwarted by obstacles
3 successes approaches with reasonable speed
4 successes approaches with haste, overcoming any obstacles in the way
5 successes rushes, doing anything

••••• Majesty : Resist : Subject’s Courage vs. vampire’s Charisma + Intimidation to be rude or even non-servile to the vampire.
A subject who fails the roll will go to absurd lengths to humble herself before the vampire. Kindred may spend a Willpower point to overcome such feelings if the roll is failed.


Vampire Player’s Guide 2nd Edition (pg 78)

••••• • Love : Charisma + Acting vs. Willpower
Success duplicates the effects of a Blood Bond for as long as the target is in the presence of the vampire.

••••• • Rage : Manipulation + Subterfuge vs. 8

1 success two people
2 successes four people
3 successes eight people
4 successes twenty people
5 successes everyone in the immediate vicinity
Affected vampires must spend a Willpower point or immediately fall into frenzy. If the character again rolls successfully, another Willpower point must be spent each turn in the character’s presence.

Vampire: The Dark Ages (pg 159)

••••• • Passion : Effects are as per Love and Rage, detailed above.
Very confusing – consult your ST.


• The Eyes of the Serpent : mortals : automatic / supernaturals : Willpower vs. 9

• • The Tongue of the Asp : automatic
18 inch forked tongue, aggravated wounds (diff 6, Strength damage). If wounded, may drink blood, causing ecstasy of the Kiss.

• • • Mummify / Bitumenous Flesh : automatic / one turn
Vulnerable only to fire and sunlight, may not employ Disciplines, awakened by blood.

• • • • The Form of the Cobra : automatic / one blood / three turns
Weighs as per normal form, six feet long, six inches in diameter (over eight feet long and as thick as a woman’s thigh).
Normal Discipline use, restricted by form.
Venomous bite, as per normal, without need to grapple, poison is fatal to mortals.
Bonus die on Perception rolls relating to smell, +2 difficult for hearing.

••••• Heart of Darkness / Cheat Thoth’s Scale : automatic / several hours / night of the new moon
-2 difficulty to frenzy. Heart can only be destroyed by fire or sunlight.
Staking it with wood will place the vampire instantly into torpor.

Thaumaturgy : The Path of Corruption

Path of Corruption Successes/Duration

1 success one turn
2 successes one day
3 successes one month
4 successes one year
5 successes permanently

• Contradict : Manipulation + Subterfuge vs. Willpower + 1

• • Disfigurement : Intelligence + Disguise vs. 8
(10 for the target to look like someone else)
A touch is required

• • • Change Mind : Manipulation + Empathy vs. Willpower + 1

• • • • Cripple : Willpower vs. Courage + Fortitude + 3

••••• Corrupt Soul : Charisma + Empathy vs. Willpower + 3

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