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Presence | Serpentis
The Path of Corruption
2nd Edition | Dark Ages

2nd Edition

Setite Thaumaturgy

Clanbook : Setites (pg 39)

Followers of Set practice the Path of Corruption more than any other clan. Indeed, it is rumored that Set Himself founded the path, and that Tremere stole its secrets during the late Middle Ages. This path is readily taught to fledgling Setites by elders of the clan. Setite characters can learn the Path of Corruption without previously knowing the Discipline of Thaumaturgy. They are able to use the Path in its original Egyptian form, free of the ceremonial trappings the Tremere find necessary.

A Setite can purchase the Path of Corruption at the normal experience cost and does not have to purchase points in Thaumaturgy in order to use the path.

They may not take the Path of Corruption during generation.

Thaumaturgy : The Path of Corruption

Vampire Player’s Guide 2nd Ed. (pg 85)

The power to manipulate and warp other’s forms and personalities can be looked upon as natural for the Tremere. Indeed, it is said that one cannot be a true master within the clan unless one has mastered this path, but then many things are said about the Tremere.

All of these powers require that the target be within arm’s reach.

• Contradict

The corrupter can make any individual say or do the opposite of what he had originally intended – but only in the moment. An arresting officer will let a prisoner go, a marriage proposal will turn into a bitter denunciation and a left turn will become a right turn.

System : Manipulation + Subterfuge vs. Willpower + 1.

• • Disfigurement

Just as the Mask of a Thousand Faces allows a character to change his own appearance, so does Disfigurement allow a character to change someone else’s for a night. This power only changes facial appearance, the individual otherwise remains the same. Normally this power is used to disfigure others, but it can actually be used to make them look better (or simply different).

System : Intelligence + Disguise vs. 8 (10 for the target to look like someone else). A touch is required.

• • • Change Mind

With this power, the vampire can cause drastic changes in another’s actions. A person affected by this power can undergo extreme mood swings in mere seconds.

System : Manipulation + Empathy vs. Willpower + 1

Successes determine the duration the victim assumes whatever Demeanor the character desires.

• • • • Cripple

This power lets the corrupter effectively turn the target into a paraplegic.

System : Willpower vs. Courage + Fortitude + 3

Successes determine the duration the victim is paralyzed from the waist down.

••••• Corrupt Soul

A more intense version of Change Mind, Corrupt Soul can transform a person’s very essence.

System : Charisma + Empathy vs. Willpower + 3

Successes determine the duration the victim assumes whatever Nature the character desires.

Path of Corruption Successes/Duration

1 success one turn
2 successes one day
3 successes one month
4 successes one year
5 successes permanently
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