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Presence | Serpentis
Thaumaturgy – The Path of Corruption

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Thaumaturgy, Level Three Ritual : Pavis of Foul Presence

Vampire Player’s Guide 2nd Edition (pg 89)

Tremere sometimes refer to this as “our ritual for the Ventrue”. It is a tightly controlled secret – supposedly unknown outside Clan Tremere.

This most specialised ritual was created (some say by Tremere himself) to combat the power of the Ventrue in the Camarilla. Any Presence Discipline used against the caster is instead reversed to be felt by the offender. Thus, if the crafty Warlock is willed to panic and run, the Kindred who exercised his power must instead roll the Discipline against herself, more than likely turning the tables on the poor Lick. Preparation takes a mere hour, and the ritual remains in effect until sunrise. A blue silken cord must be tied around the neck of the caster for the spell to work and last.

••••• • Rage

Vampire Player’s Guide 2nd Edition (pg 78)

The vampire may induce feelings of irritation and hostility in those around her. The slightest spark will generally be enough to cause arguments and fights.

System : Manipulation + Subterfuge vs. 8

Affects a variable number of targets depending on successes. All vampires who are affected must immediately spend a Willpower to avoid going into frenzy. If the character rolls again successfully, another Willpower must be spent each turn in the character’s presence. The only way to avoid this is to leave the presence of the vampire.

1 success two people
2 successes four people
3 successes eight people
4 successes twenty people
5 successes everyone in the immediate vicinity
••••• • Love

Vampire Player’s Guide 2nd Edition (pg 78)

Similar to Entrancement, only much more compelling, this power duplicates the effects of the Blood Bond for as long as the target is in the presence of the character.

System : Charisma + Acting vs. Willpower

If successful, the power allows the character an immense amount of influence over the victim.

••••• • Renew the Earthly Pleasures

Dark Ages Companion (pg 89)

Vampires can no longer experience the simple pleasures of mortal life. With this ability, a Cainite can overwhelm another vampire with a flood of kine emotions and sensations that have long been only fragile memories. The subject of this power finds herself reeling under an onslaught of long-dead passions and pleasures. Unable to cope with or control these feelings, she may be incapacitated with ecstasy.

Some vampires actually crave the effects of this power and seek out vampires who possess it. These creatures become addicted to the flood of raw emotion they are incapable of feeling on their own. Powerful but cold-blooded Ventrue have fallen to wily Setites who employ this power.

System : Charisma + Empathy vs. Self-Control/Instincts + 3

For each point below 5 that the target’s Via rating is, the difficulty increases by one.

1 success nostalgic human feelings
2 successes mild pleasure (-1 to Dice Pools)
3 successes increased sensations (-2 to Dice Pools)
4 successes ecstasy (-5 to Dice Pools)
5 successes lost of consciousness for turns equal to 10 minus Self-Control/Instincts

This power normally has no effect on mortals. At the ST’s discretion, however, it might affect a particularly passionate one.

••••• •• Unholy Penance

Dark Ages Companion (pg 89)

Just as the Lasombra organize themselves after the Church, so do they use Disciplines that mirror religious practices. This variation of Presence was developed from the Lasombra’s longstanding association with the holy orders. The vampire creates overwhelming feelings of guilt in his chosen victim, forcing him to his knees in supplication. The target begs forgiveness from whomever will listen – most often the unforgiving Lasombra standing over her stricken enemy. Lasombra commonly use this power on members of the Church. They learn all their victims’ dirty secrets in just a few moments and can blackmail the kine for the remainder of their lives.

System : Manipulation + Empathy vs. Conscience/Conviction + 4

ST may reduce the difficulty against a victim who has led a particularly debauched life. He may also reduce the difficulty against a target who is exceptionally penitent. Those who are currently suffering from guilt – a target in the midst of giving confession, for example – are the most susceptible.

The effects of the power are twofold. First, each success incapacitates the victim for one turn. Second, the victim whispers his darkest secrets and vilest sins for as long as the effect lasts. This ability only affects one target at a time. The power will even quell a subject in the ravages of frenzy.


••••• • Breath of the Basilisk

Vampire: The Dark Ages (pg 163)

The Setite may call on her inner corruption and spew it forth in a poisonous cloud of taint. This airborne poison is powerful enough to wither trees and even corrode stone. The breath covers an area roughly three feed across, and can catch someone’s head and torso if well aimed. This power was given its current name by a horrified Toreador who watched his Lasombra patron wither and perish, eaten away by an angry Setite elder’s bile.

System : The Setite spends one Blood Point to exhale a fine mist.

In melee, the Setite can roll Dexterity + Brawl (diff 6) to catch an opponent up to six feet away. The target may attempt to dodge the cloud (the only hope for most). Each success inflicts one Health Level of aggravated damage, soakable only by Fortitude. The targets are likely poisoned as well, and mortal victims may well die within hours. This power can also be used to corrode inanimate objects; generally speaking, one breath pits and weakens an inch’s depth of stone, corrodes metal blades into uselessness (if not destroying them), or thoroughly rots wood as thick as an inch.

••••• • Ophidian Infestation

Dark Ages Companion (pg 91)

The Setite with this horrifying power injects a victim with her blood. The Cainite must cut herself and touch the target to apply the power. The blood later transforms into a multitude of snakes. These blood-asps quickly grow to full size, rending the victim apart from the inside. The transformation of the blood can be triggered at any time within three nights.

System : Manipulation + Occult vs. 6

The character must touch the target (a normal Dexterity + Brawl roll if in combat), and spend as many Blood Points as desired (up to the maximum permitted by the character’s generation).

Each Blood Point later transforms into a dozen or so asps which effectively does one Health Level of damage, soakable only with Fortitude as the snakes tear apart unprotected innards and thrust their way out of the victim’s body.

Needless to say, this is hideous to look upon.

Hatch the Viper

Serpentis ••••, Protean ••
18 experience points

Vampire: The Dark Ages (pg 164)

This rare and horrific power is known to Setites alone, as the members of any other clan are hard-pressed to master Serpentis to this degree, much less find a Follower of Set willing to teach the ability.

The Setite spends four Blood Points and an entire round to work the ability; no roll is required. The following turn, he may disgorge from his mouth a living poisonous serpent, formed from his blood. The serpent (which is considered a ghoul with Fortitude 1) may act independently, but follows its “parent’s” commands. It must be fed one Blood Point every three nights, or else it will break down into a mass of tainted plasm. Drinking the venomous remains immediately causes four Health Levels of damage, soakable only by Fortitude.

The Setite may create and maintain as many serpents as he likes, though they can only be fed with their master’s blood. Cainites with Animalism may communicate with created serpents, but the snakes reflect too much of their master’s personality to pass for natural animals. Created serpents have a distinct pattern, each one unique to the creator (gold diamonds on black skin seems to be a common motif).

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