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Jonathan Doe

I created the persona that is Jonathan Doe based upon every good John Woo movie there was at the time. This was before Woo broke into Hollywood. For me, the coolest bit about it has got to be that, two years into playing the man, I saw Face/Off. It was like watching oneself in action.

The vampire is based upon the concept of the traditional vampire – straight out of every superstition that became the Masquerade. Which explains my exclusively supernatual flaws, and my original intention of learning the Protean discipline (Never having enough XP to go beyond Wolf Claws put that idea to rest).

The story is based upon, as surely you will realise were you to read it, one of the few good vampire movies out there – The Lost Boys.

So there you have it – the creation of a Toreador poseur extrodinaire.

the rest of my cotere
Angels Fall
Character Sheet 2th Ed.

Photos copyright 1997 by Paramount Pictures. There are put here only due to the similarity to the character, any inconvienience caused is unintentional.

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