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Set, 3rd generation, M –
Sire of Kemintiri (~-1300) and Nefertiti (-1032).
AKA Seth, Sutekh.
He may lie somewhere in a tomb or beneath the sands of Egypt.
Disappeared in 33 AD.
[BbN,pg 116] [KmW,pg 87-91]

Kemintiri, 4th generation, F (~-1300) –
Progeny of Set.
Replaced the Ventrue Justicar for a few decades.
1st on the Red List.
[KmW,pg 87-91]

Nefertiti, 4th generation, F (:-1032) –
Progeny of Set.
Self-Proclamed Queen of Europe.
[BbN,pg 116]

Ghede, 6th generation, M (:-100) –
Sire of Ezuli (~1300).
Leader of a Cult in Haiti.
[NObN,pg 81] [Anar,pg 43] [Cb-S,pg 64]

Lady Amissa, 6th generation, F (1049:1073) –
[LS,pg 49]

Ezuli, 7-6th generation, F (:~1300) –
Progeny of Ghede.
Sire of Manon (1953).
Embraced in Ethiopia.
[WoD1,pg 113-115] [NObN,pg 81]

Ogwon, 7th generation, M –
[WoD1,pg 114]

Manon, 7th generation, ? (~1935:1953) –
Progeny of Ezuli.
[NObN,pg 81]

Legba, unknown generation, M –
Ghede’s worst enemy.
Serpent of the Light.
[Cb-S,pg 64]

Sarrasine, unknown generation, M –
Prince of Sidney.
Pretending to be a Caitiff pretending to be a Toreador.
[RAAu] [Cb-S]

Dawn Cavanaugh, 8th generation, F (1882:1898) –
Gave Hollywood the reputation as “Sin Capital of the World”.
[LAbN,pg 93]

Samat Ramal – Ra, 8th generation, M –
Archon of the Tremere Justicar.

Augusta Halford, unknown generation, F (:1305) –
[Cb-S,pg 63]

Rasputin(?), unknown generation, M –
[Cb-S,pg 65]

Goo Loo Boo, 10th generation, M –
Sire of Marcel (1974).

Sir Mariot D’Urban, 11th generation, M (:~1180) –
[Cb-S,pg 65]

Marcel, 11th generation, M (1943:1974) –
Progeny of Goo Loo Boo.

Misty Halls, unknown generation, F (+1975) –
Antitribu. Burned in fight.

Jean-Claude, unknown generation, M –
[PoC] [BW]

Darrius Stone, unknown generation, M –

Dahshur, unknown generation, M –

Shandy, unknown generation, ? –
[HH,pg 51]
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