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“You are what you eat…”

Setite Ghouls

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 56)

The Followers’ ghouls come from a variety of sources. Usefulness is the only criterion, and even this can be waived if the domitor-to-be is in a particularly good (or bad) mood. Setites use ghouls extensively, for business, pleasure or (most commonly) both.

Surprisingly, Setite ghouls are often people considered morally upstanding or innocent in life. The clan’s work requires numerous mortal ties, and while drug dealers and the like have their uses, it is far less obtrusive to work through politicians, priests and social workers. Then, too, it is so easy to lure in the kinks by presenting an angelic child, ripe for violation, then watching the perverts’ horror as the “victim” stuns them with a hypnotising stare and lunges at them with superhuman strength…

Of course, Setites need more traditional followers as well. Like Nosferatu, they recruit in lower-income areas, preying on individuals with little to lose. Indeed, some enterprising Setites market their devil’s elixir so seductively that mortals actually perform favours merely for the privilege of obtaining “the juice.” Naturally, Setites refrain from mentioning the side effect of the Blood Bond until it’s too late.

Like Assamite ghouls, Setite ghouls are often manipulated into thinking that their work is of utmost religious significance. Most Setite ghouls band together in underground cults. Setite ghouls are administered bizarre ritualistic tinctures as well as blood when Bound to the clan. Then they are told to Recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

In addition to these human ghouls, the Followers often find snakes to be loyal servitors, as well as status symbols within the clan. However, the Setites are careful not to “wear their hearts on their sleeves,” so to speak, so oftentimes clan members have their human ghouls care for the serpentine ghouls.

The life of a Setite ghoul is an ecstatically agonising slide into depravity, but most learn to enjoy it. Particularly competent, centuries-old ghouls are pampered, permitted to wallow in vice, and generally treated with amused indulgence. Such ghouls often spearhead Setite incursions into Camarilla territory, establishing a daylight beachhead among mortals before their masters close in for the kill.

Setite Vitae

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 32)

Setite vitae possesses contagious properties, causing Setite Ghouls to develop painful rashes (-1 to Dice Pools) when in direct sunlight. Additionally, many Setites possess the Addictive Blood Merit.

Ghouls imbibing/injecting five or more Blood Points from a Setite must make a Stamina roll (diff 5) or “inherit” the lesser form of the clan weakness; this lasts until the vitae has been purged (ie the ghoul holds fewer than five Setite Blood Points).

Setite Domitors

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 56)

To spread their message of corruption as far and as wide as possible, the Setites need some help from mortals, who do not live in constant fear of light. It’s quite simple for the average (so to speak – the Followers are all far from average beings) Setite to find qualified candidates for ghouling; both pure and wicked mortals make faithful, obedient Setite ghouls. The Followers’ blood is a highly addictive nectar, and clan members are masters of the Blood Bond, especially vampires who possess the Addictive Blood Merit.

For most vampires, the ghouling process is simple routing; for Setites, it is an art. Some Setites gleefully spend years setting up the degradation of a particularly uptight or righteous slave-to-be – perhaps even secretly guiding him to the heights of financial and romantic success, then stripping it all away in one fell swoop. The Setites are well aware of the story of Job. Then, too, there are few more effective ways of demoralising a slave than making him aware that all his previous worldly success was given to him at a Setite’s whim.

Setite ghouling practices are perverse, as befits the clan. Followers gain status for recruiting new ghouls into the clan’s coils, particularly ghouls who were considered prudes among the human populace. Such ghouls rarely remain prudish for long, as Setites abuse the Blood Bond at whim and out of sheer perversity. Forcing one’s ghouls to commit degrading acts and violate loved ones is not only fun, but respected among the Followers of Set. Ghouls also make ideal “test subjects” for new forms of pleasure; a ghoul’s superhuman vitality enable him to withstand chemical or erotic titillation that would kill a normal mortal.

Ghouls vs. Setites

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 39)

Somebody once told me the Followers of Set were a big fat joke, a cult of bloodsuckers worshipping some dead god who’s got PBS picking at his bones.

That’s not what I saw.

[slow release of breath] The Followers of Set are real trouble – I think. You see, the other vampires don’t like that, but for some reason don’t treat them as much of a threat. Most figure the Snakes are antiquated relics, fanatics who haven’t realised that animal-headed gods went out of fashion some millennia ago. Yeah, it sounds pretty easy to dismiss.

But when you aren’t talking to Licks*, but to people on the streets, you hear something different. Yeah, the Followers are into organised crime, drug trafficking, all that. But they seem to inspire respect and loyalty something fierce. You know how most Licks like denying you what you want, all the better to keep you lean and hungry like a prize falcon? Not the Followers of Set. They let you go after whatever you like; hell, they give it to you if you’ve been doing well. You don’t even have to be one of their ghouls to merit treatment like this. I hear sometimes one’ll notice if you’re having trouble with the local loan sharks, and send somebody over to talk to them for you. Maybe they’ll float you a little extra cash to keep your kid in daycare. All this without even asking you for any favours. How do you refuse something like that?

And that’s something the other vampires don’t seem to realise. I guess it’s because they don’t have the worm’s-eye view we do. But your average Follower of Set has a lot of ghouls, and a lot of human friends who are so damn loyal you’d swear they were Blood Bound. To most of these people, their new friend is the best thing that ever happened to them. They’d kill and die for their benefactor. [pause]

The Followers of Set are pretty easy to dismiss when you’re a rich, powerful vampire sitting in your penthouse, reading Forbes or something. But in the worse areas of town, they’re usually the main power – often the only power. And they’re not satisfied with keeping to the slums, either. [pause]

They’ve offered their help to our group before. No strings attached. And you know, if we take it, our lot’s going to get better, and those vampire that cross us are going to have a much worse time of it. [long pause]

We’re going to refuse their help for now, so that’s the official word. Don’t agree to accept any free lunches from anybody. [soft cough] I think that about covers the Followers of Set.

* Licks = vampires

Setite Ghoul Cults

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 65)

The Disciples of Set

The Disciples of Set was initially formed in 1989 by two disillusioned Setite ghouls: Aziza Mohareb of Egypt and Steven O’Malley of San Francisco. Aziza had been turned into a ghoul by Farouk, a Setite elder who, in typical Setite fashion, forced Aziza to sexually entice mortals into the Setites’ clutches. Aziza was disgusted by his orders, but could do little against the power of the Blood Bond.

Farouk and Aziza travelled to San Francisco, where the Followers thought they could find easy converts. Farouk met O’Malley at a gay bar in the Castro District. Steven was a bouncer there and had numerous contacts in the local leather community. Seeing great potential in the young man, Farouk decided to ghoul Steven and take him back to Egypt, in preparation for Embracing the young man.

Unfortunately for the Setite, Steven’s enraged lover Timothy heard through the grapevine what had happened to Steven, and he and his biker friends set out to kill the vampire. Much to the bikers’ dismay, they were unable to find Farouk, who had fled town after a horrifying run-in with an Asian vampire. But in his haste, Farouk had abandoned both Aziza and Steven.

The two ghouls banded together with the bikers to search for Farouk, catching up with the erstwhile domitor in Seattle, where he had established a ramshackle temple and created a few new ghouls. Armed with stakes and razor blades, Aziza, Steven and their biker allies stormed the temple. Farouk’s ghouls went into frenzy, and, in the chaos, Farouk was slashed and staked into torpor. Aziza and Steven drained him of most of his vitae, then fed the leftovers to the bikers and the worshipping ghouls. The various factions united into a group known as the Disciples of Set, a society formed to worship Aziza and Steven as the true prophets of the Dark God.

The Setites, of course, find this extremely amusing. For now, they are willing to let the “Disciples” run their course, realising the group’s usefulness as a red herring. In a few years, after they have evaluated the usefulness of the organisation, they will decide whether to bring it into their coils or simply strike it down.

The Sacrament of the Reborn

This faction of abandoned ghouls believes that by worshipping the Kindred and chanting from The Book of Nod, a new, messianic domitor will appear to give its members the precious blood they desire. Primarily composed of former Gangrel, Ravnos and Caitiff ghouls, the Sacrament zealously adheres to the teachings of its leader, the mysterious Reverend Kam. Kam and his close followers dwell on an expansive private compound in Brazil; from here, the charismatic Reverend broadcasts his messages of salvation and prayer to all members of the Sacrament.

In reality, Reverend Kam is a Setite ghoul. He administers blood to the ignorant ghouls from his own private stock of addictive Setite blood, and after three prayers sessions, the ghouls are effectively Blood Bound to the Setites. Reverend Kam is being considered for the Embrace, and the ghouls are blissfully happy to have new domitors and steady supplies of blood.

Prayer really works miracles.

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