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Merits & Flaws | The Path of Corruption


Clanbook : Setites (pg 39)

Drug Resistance (2pt Merit)

You are unusually resistant to drugs. Alcohol, narcotics and similar addictive substances have little or no effect upon you. You can drink from winos with impunity, or pretend to be far drunker than you are in order to take advantage of an opponent.

Poisonous Bite (2pt Merit)

You have developed poison glands in the roof of your mouth. The poison is virulent, although Kindred and other supernatural creatures are unaffected by it. You, of course, are immune. When you bite, you always inject this poison, usually killing your human victims. You must learn to feed in other ways, perhaps drawing the blood you need with a syringe or razor, if you do not wish to kill every time you feed.

Addictive Blood (3pt Merit)

Your blood is especially delicious to others, Kindred or kine, containing a substance they find physically addictive. Once they have drunk it, they must drink again, or spent a Willpower point at inconvenient moments to avoid the pangs of craving. Setites with this Merit find it much easier to Blood Bond an opponent, as once they have tasted the tainted vitae, they will do almost anything to drink it again.


Clanbook : Setites (pg 39)

Scales (1 – 3pt Flaw)

During your Embrace, a portion of your skin became scales. If only a small area, one easily hidden, such as a patch of skin on your shoulder, this is only a one-point Flaw. Having an entire limb affected, such as an arm, forcing you to wear long gloves at all times, is a two-point Flaw, while having a scaled, lipless face is a three-point Flaw.

Forked Tongue (2pt Flaw)

Your tongue is forked and flickering, like that of a snake. Your speak with a hiss. Upholding the Masquerade becomes difficult for you. Note that this tongue does not inflict aggravated damage, nor draw blood.

Heartless (4pt Flaw)

Having removed your heart via the fifth level of Serpentis, you have lost it. The heart might be in the possession of a foe, or simply missing. If it is possessed by some other Cainite, (perhaps a Setite elder, or your sire) you must obey their every command. If it is lost, the anxiety this causes you interferes with your nightly existence.

Aura of the Wyrm (5pt Flaw)

You radiate corruption to such a degree that any Garou in the locate are drawn towards you. This is a serious Flaw, as your unlife is constantly threatened by frenzied attacks directed against you by enraged werewolves.

Dark Ages

Dark Ages Companion (pg 136)

Pagan Cult (5pt Merit)

You have managed to acquire a following of pagan worshippers who believe that you are the personification of one of their deities. More than simply a herd from which you can feed, these devoted followers can also perform a variety of services for you, from administering your lands during the day to procuring vessels to satisfy your hunger. In order to ensure their devotion, however, you must make regular appearances to your priests so that their faith in you continues unabated. In all likelihood, you have assumed the identity of a local death god or war deity, who requires regular sacrifices of blood. You have likely created ghouls from your most fervent cultists, thus assuring yourself of a loyal cadre of protectors during daylight hours.

Knowledge Trait

Clanbook : Setites (pg 33)

Setite Lore

You know information available only to the Followers of Set. Kindred from other clans who learn such information often become Setite targets if they make their knowledge known. You know Setite history, legends, strategies and secrets.

• Student : What any Setite fledgling, or a mortal cultist priest knows : you are fighting Set’s holy war.

• • College : What most ancillae know : that Set’s enemies are the Third Generation and mummies.

• • • Masters : what most elders know : the mummy Horus lives in Switzerland, while the agents of the Third Generation are everywhere.

• • • • Doctorate : what most Methuselahs and Typhonists know : the Followers of Set are striving to trigger Gehenna, for total victory can only be gained through total destruction.

••••• Scholar : what only Set knows, conveyed in dreams to the putrescent high priests of the Path of Typhon : Set’s plans for the world once he rules it.

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