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Paths of Enlightenment

“So farewell hope, and with hope farewell fear,
Farewell remorse; all good to me is lost;
Evil, be thou my good; by thee at least
Divided empire with heaven’s King I hold,
By thee, and more than half perhaps will reign…”
– John Milton, ‘Paradise Lost’

The Path of Ecstasy | The Path of the Warrior
The Path of Typhon / Via Typhonis : The Road of Typhon
The Path of Typhon Revised
Via Serpentis : The Road of Typhon

Like the Sabbat, many among the Followers of Set have abandoned their Humanity. Although not all have done so, many Setites conceive of Humanity as an unnecessary weight dragging them down towards the Beast. Adherence to a strict philosophical code enable the Setites to slow and halt the inexorable slide into bestial oblivion.

Details concerning the Paths of Enlightenment, specifically that Path founded by Set Himself, the Path of Typhon, can be found in The Vampire’s Players Guide. While Typhonists, like Set, worship Apep the Serpent, two other, less vile Setite Paths exist.

Character Creation

Clanbook : Setites (pg 34)

Though some Followers of Set adhere to Paths of Enlightenment, all Setite characters have the Virtues of Conscience, Self-Control and Courage rather than their Sabbat counterparts, and begin with the normal 7 dots in Virtues. Most Setites will have very low scores in Conscience, and it is rare for Setites not following a Path to have Humanity ratings higher than five.

The Path of Ecstasy

Clanbook : Setites (pg 34)

Practitioners of this path revel in luxury instead of degradation. They sate the Beast by glutting its appetite. Although akin to the Path of Typhon in some ways, practitioners of this path reject the base cruelties of the Typhonists. Rather than celebrate misery, they glorify pleasure, revelling in the most decadent extremes of vampiric sensation. Members of this path often especially despise the Kindred of Clan Toreador, and take every chance to humiliate and distress them.


V:tM Revised (pg 93)

The Path of Ecstasy glorifies the pleasures of the flesh offered by the Serpent itself; such vampires seek to master Presence above all other Disciplines.

Hierarchy of Sins
  1. Destroying something of beauty
  2. Failing to accept a gift
  3. Restraining your natural impulses unnecessarily
  4. Not taking at least one drug regularly
  5. Not attempting to corrupt an innocent
  6. Rejecting wealth unnecessarily
  7. Allowing an infector of impurity (i.e. priest, nun, etc.) to live without good reason
  8. Allowing someone ugly to survive
  9. Now wallowing in absolute luxury
  10. Allowing someone innocent to survive

This Path was founded by Followers of Set dwelling in Constantinople after the fall of Egypt. Surrounded by the Golden Horn’s Byzantine splendor, and associating with the city’s debauched Toreador, the Path’s founders gradually determined their philosophy of decadence. Setites who follow this Path pride themselves on the materialism of the modern world, and boast that it is a direct result of their actions and existence.

  • Pursuit of pleasure is a spiritual obligation. Those who spurn luxury and hedonism seek to befoul the spirit with grossness, and are misguided.
  • Vampires are the children of Caine’s sin. Thus we should practice, and spread the practice of, sin.
  • To resist temptation is a great wrong.
  • It is not a crime to kill, as long as the killing is committed beautifully.
  • Existence serves no purpose save to entertain.

The Path of the Warrior

Clanbook : Setites (pg 35)

This Path has grown in popularity in recent decades, with many young Setites attracted to its philosophies. Just as Set was once a hunter and warrior, so too are adherents to this Path. These Setites pride themselves upon their physical and martial prowess. Many who follow the Path of the Warrior are masochists and fanatics. They believe that the Beast is a creation of the mind, and that by training the body until it is stronger than the mind, the Beast can be controlled.

Setites who follow this Path are among the most dangerous opponents any Cainite can encounter. They are Set’s shock troops in the Jyhad. Lupines, demons, kine and Kindred all form their prey. It is the common ambition of adherents of the Path to hone themselves until they become the ultimate urban predators. When Set arises, those of the Path of the Warrior believe they will sweep all opponents away before them.


V:tM Revised (pg 93)

These stalkers glorify Set as hunter and warrior, and learn Potence in lieu of Obfuscate.

Hierarchy of Sins
  1. Refusing a physical challenge
  2. Thinking too long before acting
  3. Not exercising every night
  4. Showing any sign of pain
  5. Killing swiftly and mercifully
  6. Not developing your Disciplines to their fullest potential
  7. Spending Blood Points to heal your wounds the same night they are inflicted
  8. Not developing your body to its fullest potential
  9. Failing any test set you, physical or mental
  10. Not subjecting yourself to the most painful tortures

This Path evolved after the Roman Empire crushed Egypt. Believing that the personal weakness of the Typhonian priests was the direct cause of Egypt’s downfall, certain Followers of Set determined never to falter from forging themselves into perfect vampiric killers. Since that time, the Path of the Warrior has slowly gained adherents, although it is still the least followed of the three Setite Paths of Enlightenment.

  • The mind is subservient to the body, and so is the Beast. Although the body is bestial in nature, it can be refined. The Embrace begins this process of transmogrification but even afterwards the Beast can still reign, unless it is beaten down through exercise and struggle.
  • You are a killer. Do not hesitate to kill.
  • The body is bestial, and must be punished. Scourge yourself, hurt yourself, push yourself to your limits, and know that by doing so, you hurt the Beast.
  • Every possible moment must be spent honing the powers of the body. Your vampiric Disciplines are a function of your body, and they too, must be trained.
  • The True Death is better than failure and weakness. Like Set, we must be implacable and unyielding in the Jyhad waged against his enemies.
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