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Revised Edition General Stereotypes

“Please. I’d thought you above such abysmal Judeo-Christian fallacies. “The serpent is not to be trusted.” “Knowledge is the source of all evil.” Why do you think parents instil such beliefs in their children – or that your sire reared you in like fashion ? Why would they balk at sharing wisdom ? Ah. You begin to understand. Would you like to sit and speak with me now ?”
Us on ThemThem on Us
“It seems that our brothers have forgotten all their teachings at the merest taste of a drop of vitae. And what implications this has…” “To sup with snakes is to invite their poison to your table.”
“They have forgotten more lessons than they’ve learned. Once worth a touch of respect, now… nothing, really.” “Oily Bastards. I have to wonder what they’re hiding if what they don’t mind showing you is so heinous.”
“Cunning in a savage sort of way, but lacking even the common sense of a wild dog. They have nothing we require, and are valuable only as an object lesson in control.” “They stink of disease worse than most of us do. Then again, we’re all corpses.”
“Dangerous rivals, although they balance such crassly material priorities along with their search for enlightenment.” “Although they hail from the lands of the dead, there is little we can glean from them without tainting ourselves in the process.”
“Children of the void, though still fresh from the mother’s teat and new weaned on stolen vitae. Only the eldest among them have any idea of exactly what power they evoke.” “Hmm… How best to keep them in Egypt ?”
“Dangerous. They are the keepers of truths perhaps even older than we. Fortunate that the other clans are foolish enough to dismiss the mad ones’ prophesying as delusion and rambling; were they wise enough to listen, Set’s time might well have come before we were ready.” “I can’t understand them. Aren’t they mad yet ? Don’t they understand what they’ve seen ? Goddamn. Goddamn…”
“A not-so-subtle reminder of what we all are, and why it is pointless to play at anything else.” “What have they got that we need ? Money ? Hah. Fancy clothes ? Hah. A comfortable apartment ? Hah. Lovers ?! ? Hah!!! Can’t corrupt what’s already filthy, gardenslugs.”
“Concern yourself not with the wandering adolescents of this clan; they are foolish and ignorant of their true lineage. It is the head of the rakshasa that bears watching, and its eyes have opened again.” “What is everyone so afraid of ? Even a deal with the Devil isn’t so bad if you read the fine print. Snakes can’t poison me, and I don’t have a soul to lose. Then again, if everyone thought the same as me, I wouldn’t have “preferred customer” status. So let ’em cringe.”
“Such ardour is… admirable. I could become drunk on a Toreador’s passion, and might drain him dry trying to fill myself with it.” “It is inevitable, of course, that persons of epicurean refinement will in the course of eternity engage in dealings with those of… unsavoury character. Record well any transactions made, and repay all favours promptly.”
“How like a precocious child, with spectacles perched so seriously on his nose and a heavy book in his lap! Ah, but this little darling might eventually prove dangerous, and so requires a parent’s gentle guidance….” “Damn them! Always prying with their slitted eyes and forked tongues and always slipping back into the darkest corners, smiling the whole time. What do they know ?”
“Self-titled dragons who nonetheless crawl nightly on their bellies and feast on dust. They are crafty, but not so crafty as we.” “A worm, some say, can be cut in two, or even minced, yet each piece will wondrously grow whole once more. Can the Setites do likewise, I wonder ?”
“They dislike us and spread slander against us, for they cannot accept that we are elder and of greater birth than they. Abide a while yet, and their rule will stop persecuting us soon enough.” “Their association with serpents is more than appropriate, for their poison infects all whom they taint with the presence. Do not allow them in your domain.”
“Like the others, save more easily led. Their thin blood betrays the Cainites’ essential weakness.”
“For all its skill at crafting Masquerades, it cannot see through its own veils.”
“A frightful mask does not a monster make. It simply makes a victim easier to spot.”

2nd Edition General Stereotypes

“We are the small voice that whispers to you in the lonely hours of the night. We call to the darkness within all of you. We came from the dark and to the dark we shall all return.”
Us on ThemThem on Us
The Camarilla
“A group of arrogant fools who think they can use us when in truth it is we who use them. The Toreador, with their vain artistic pretensions and degenerate tastes, are a special favourite. The Tremere and Ventrue’s love of power often leads them to us. The others all have their various weaknesses that make them easy prey.” “Dealing with the Followers of Set is, in effect, dealing with the Devil. Yes, they have their uses, but then so does an atomic bomb. Like said A-Bomb, the Setites should be handled with extreme care and caution.”
– Galen, Ventrue elder
The Sabbat
“They belong to us already; they just don’t know it yet. The darkness is strong in them, but they love it in a different way than we do.” “Damned snakes! The Camarilla is too weak and contentious to realise what a threat these bastards really are. You don’t use a snake. You kill it before it kills you!”
– Malachaius, Tzimisce elder
The Inconnu
“Let sleeping fools lie. They think they’re safe, but what they don’t realise is that the darkness is everywhere. Like everyone else, they have their weaknesses. Even they cannot escape us.” “They are arrogant just like their founder and, like their founder, they can and will be brought down. It is just a matter of time. Until then, we must do what we can to counter them.”
– Nefer-meri-Isis, fourth-generation Ventrue
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