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Dark Ages Stereotypes

“Ah, say no more, my friend. No words are necessary. You hunger – I can sate you. You thirst – I can quench that thirst. Please, follow me.”
Us on ThemThem on Us
“They, too, know the anger of the persecuted. They are our siblings, deny it as they may.” “I fear no serpent, not even that which walks as men do.”
“These zealots are strong fighters, but ultimately as flawed pottery. Their anger will crack them in half.” “Where we build, they corrode. They are our enemies.”
“In their obsession with forgotten knowledge lie both danger and opportunity. Cultivate them, for they would make excellent scribes to the glory of Set’s reign.” “To corrupt another’s soul is surely the greatest crime imaginable. Although they believe themselves to be masters of spiritual decay, they know little of the consequences of their actions.”
“Feed a dog the meat it craves and it will lick your hand. So it is with the Gangrel.” “These tainted spawn of Jormungandr are most honest when shrieking in their death-throes.”
“Yes, they understand darkness. All they lack is knowledge of His name…” “Skulkers in the dark with their outdated rituals and antiquated paganism, they belong to a dead age. Even the Brujah have adapted better.”
“How can one lead a lunatic into temptation? Best to avoid these ones.” “I have but one thing to say: Set was madder than Malkav. I swear it on my sire’s bones.”
“They might be dangerous if not for their self-proclaimed hopelessness. Ultimately, they serve very little purpose.” “These bastards would hiss a different tune if they had to cloak themselves in the shroud of their iniquity, as do we.”
“They scoff and strut and thieve, pretending to take nothing seriously. But they cannot deny the monster that lurks deep within.” “They can keep their hoary mysteries of Egypt, thank you very much, and all their other tainted gifts. You can fool a Snake, but you risk getting bitten.”
“For all their righteous talk of the spiritual purity of art, they submit to their vices readily enough.” “These basilisks offer poisoned gifts with honeyed promises. Be ever wary of these clever serpents.”
“Ah, the new players emerge on the field of millennia. We must arrange to welcome them suitably and generously.” “True, we need allies, but I hold grave misgivings about their kind of help.”
“Their lordships make much of their power and independence, and indulge in what they consider shows of strength in indulgence. What irony that they all but belong to us already.” “They are worms; we are dragons. They had best slither into their holes when we pass.”
“Love of power and jaded sensibilities; the Ventrue have needs, and we are always happy to offer relief.” “The next Crusade should be to the waters of the Nile, so we can wipe these vipers from the earth. Never mind the Saracens – these are the true infidels.”
“Children.” [Clanbook : Baali] “Clearly these base defilers represent incontrovertible evidence of our kind’s common origins. Do they not hail from the earliest civilizations of the kine? Do they not pray to a Lord of Darkness? And yet these wayward fools fall prey to the petty Western preoccupation with material pleasures, passions, and perversions. Such wasted potential…”
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