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Time Line

? – Set is born.
-6000 – Agriculture in the Nile valley
-5000 – Set settles around the Nile.
-4245 – Lower Egypt conquers Upper Egypt.
-4245 : Osiris takes control of Egypt and banishes his brother Set. [Mummy1,pg 59]
many years later : Osiris Embraced by a stranger [Mummy1,pg 69]
? : Set returns and imprisions Osiris. Later Osiris escapes and is torn limb from limb. [Mummy1,pg 60]
? : Meshta is turned into a Mummy [Mummy1,pg 61]
? : Horus is turned into a Mummy [Mummy1,pg 61]
? : Isis restores Osiris to life. Set kills him again. [Mummy1,pg 62]
? : Khetamon flees as the last of Osiris’ progeny. He doesn’t stop until he reaches india. [Mummy1,pg 64]
? : Khetamon perfects his discipline of Bardo and returns from hiding to create the children of Osiris.
~-3000 : Set’s power is weakened by Horus’ actions. [Mummy1,pg 63]
-3000 – Athens and Troy are built at this time. Humans begin abstract mathematics.
-3000s – development of Osiran mythology
-2620 : Birth of Queen Hetephras [Mummy1,pg 69]
-2605 : Birth of Sahura during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, aka. Cheops [Mummy1,pg 70]
-2650-2190 – the Pyramids
-2100s – popularity of the Osiris cult; royalty promotes the worship of Amon-Ra
-2000 – The start of the bronze age.
– The rise of the Egyptian pharaohs. The middle kingdom of egypt florishes.
-1650 – The middle kingdom starts to decline due to the efforts of the Mummies and the Children of Osiris.
And the invasion of the Semitic, Baal-worshipping Hyksos.
Seth becomes identified with Baal in the mythology.
-1500 – Agriculture improves to the point that human populations start increasing steadily.
-1380 – Akhenaton and Nefertiti rule Egypt.
-1300 : (15th dynasty, under Seti I) Kemintiri Embraced by Set. [KmW,pg 91]
-1273 : birth of Amen Khal [Mummy1,pg 68]
-1223 : Sethnakht becomes the pharaoh of Egypt. Upsets the Setites’ control of Egypt during his reign. [WoD1,pg 70]
-1200 : Enkidu Embraced by Gangrel in Sumer. [KmW,pg 36] The Gangrels live in Ur until its destruction by the Setites.
-1191 : birth of Khonseru [Mummy1,pg 76]
-1191 : The New Kingdom – Egypt rules from the Sahara to the Euphrates.
-1032 : Nefertiti Embraced by Set [BbN,pg 116]
-1000 – The Iron Age begins.
-1000 – The greek city stats begin to flourish.
-1000 – Egypt loses control over the Near-Eastern provinces.
~-950 : Horus forces Set from Egypt. [Mummy1,pg 64]
-900 : “A being known as Heru-Behutet and his warriors defeat Set and his allies in a great battle. Set was exiled and his followers slaughtered. In his anguish, Set vowed that if he were to be exiled into the darkness, then that darkness would become all-powerful.” [PG2,pg 122]
-814 – Carthage is founded by the Phoenicians.
-753 – Rome is founded.
-668-626 – Assyria ruled by Assurbanipal; destroys Thebes in Egypt
-648 – Assyria conquers Babylon
-648 – Scythian invaders weaken Assyria
-612 – The captial of Assyria, Nineveh, falls to Nabopalasser of Babylon.
-612 – Setites stomp on the Baali bloodline.
-132 : Horus moves to the Alps to make it a Mummy stronghold. [Mummy1,pg 64]
-50 : Setites regain control of Egypt. [WoD1,pg 70]
-50 – The Setites use Cleopatra to influence the Roman Senate.
-46 – Caesar is appointed emperor of Rome.
-33 – Set destroys the Cult of Isis.
-33 – Set creates the Bane Mummies.
0 : Birth of Christ
33 : Death of Christ.
33 : “Set Himself vanished from the world (likely to escape being a casualty of the Jyhad). Before he disappeared, Set promised his followers that he would eventually return in all his dark glory.” [PG2,pg 122]
37 : Caligula is the new Emperor of Rome. [WoD1,pg 71]
37 : Setites manipulate the Romans into attacking the Nabataean Kingdom. [WoD1,pg 71]
79 – Mt. Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii. Menele performed a rite to summon elementals of fire. Helena escapes to Egypt.
117 – The Roman Empire is at the height of power.
476 – Rome falls to attacking barbarians, due to the efforts of the Brujah.
500 – The begining of the Dark Ages.
541 – Bubonic Plague hits Europe.
594 – The Bubonic Plague ends after killing 1/2 of Europe’s population.
632 : The prophet Muhammed dies. [WoD1,pg 68]
771 – Charlemagne begins to form his empire.
793 : The first recorded Viking raid on England takes place off the Northumbrian coast. [WoD1,pg 11]
800 – Charlemagne is crowned emperor of all Europe by Pope Leo III.
1072 – The Crusades begin.
1116 – Shaitan arrives in Mexico and takes control of the Aztecs.
1205 – Pope Innocent the III instigates the Fourth Crusade. This will eventually lead to the Inquisition.
1215 : King John signs the Magna Carta. [WoD1,pg 12]
1231 – The Inquisition founds the Society of Leopold.
1240 – The start of the Anarch Revolt.
~1300 : Ezuli Embraced by Ghede in Ethiopia. [WoD1,pg 113-115] [NObN,pg 81]
1313 – The Inquisition winds down. The Society of Leopold takes up the slack.
1321/1325 – The Aztec civilization is on the rise in mexico.
1331 – The Aztecs begin to build their empire. Shaitan orders the deaths of all shape-shifters found through out Mexico.
1420 – The Anarch Revolt reaches it’s peak.
1444 – Augustus Giovanni diablerises Capadocius.
– The Renaissance begins.
1450 – The Toreador Rafeal de Corazon makes his famous speech which leads to the Camarilla and the Masquerade.
1462 – Constantinople falls to Muslim turks.
1492 – Columbus reaches America.
1493 – The signing of the Convention of Thorns.
– The “End” of the first Anarch Revolt.
– The beginning of the Sabbat Movement.
– The signing of the original Code of Milan.
1650 – Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh concludes that Creation occured in 4004 BC.
1745 – The word “vampire” first appears in the oxford dictionary.
1776 – The start of the American Revolution.
1783 – The end of the American Revolution.
1790 – Ezuli comes to Haiti.
– Start of the Industial Revolution.
1866 – The Ku-Klux Klan is formed.
1929 : The Wall Street stock market crashes. The Great Depression begins.
1929 : Latran Treaty. The Vatican is created.
1953 : Manon Embraced by Ezuli. [NObN,pg 81]
1960s : The Ventrue and Tremere of England stomp on a sect of Setites. [WoD1,pg 29]
1963 – JFK is shot.
1985 – The Society of Leopold looses an operative in Haiti.
1986 – Jean-Claude “baby-doc” Duvalier is driven from power in Haiti.
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