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“You are what you eat…”

Toreador Ghouls

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 49)

Toreador keep cliques of suave, sophisticated ghouls; some of these ghouls actually prove useful, and all cater to the domitor’s ego. Toreador tend to select their ghouls from among the mortals they socialise with at parties, art openings, theatrical productions, musical performances and poetry readings, picking and choosing for “artistic” (ie no particularly logical) reasons.

Like the Brujah, Toreador ghoul often and frivolously. A Toreador might ghoul someone just to have an eternally adoring fan of his work. It’s nice to be worshipped, after all.

Being a Toreador ghoul is far from easy, but lavish rewards await those whom the domitors favour – for exactly as long as the favour lasts. “In” ghouls are showered with designer clothing, invitations to high-society parties and, most importantly of all, adulation and respect in cliquish Toreador circles. Naturally, ghouls in service to the domitor are the crème de la crème – and naturally, ghouls in service to those other… leeches are too gauche for words.

But pity the poor waif ghoul model when thin is no longer in and the Rubenesque look is back in style. Status disintegrates in a tidal wave of humiliation, and the former beloved is tossed to the wayside by her fickle Toreador domitor. After all, Toreador don’t like to show off ghouls who aren’t in vogue!

Even ghouls in favour with their domitors walk on eggshells most of the time, knowing full well that they could be thrown away like last season’s evening gowns at any given moment. Compounding this fear is the constant internecine feuds endemic to Toreador cliques, as rival servitors use innuendo, nails and whatever else it takes to maintain “Most Favoured Ghoul” status. This catty competition often leads to violent frenzies and stalkerlike behaviour among the ghouls – anything to please the master, and anything to knock the competition down.

Most Toreador ghouls still keep in touch with mortals. They have to in order to advance their domitors’ careers. And, for those ghouls who have fallen out of favour, mortals are the only remaining erotic outlets.

Outcast Toreador ghouls commonly seek (and occasionally find) service in the ranks of another “respectable” clan, such as the Ventrue; the new domitor is delighted to take in the beautiful, wounded ghoul, providing affection and vitae in exchange for a few trifles of information on the cruel ex-domitor. Naturally, the ghoul is only too happy to oblige…

Toreador Domitors

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 49)

The suave and beautiful Toreador have little trouble surrounding themselves with throngs of willing servants – humans only, though; animals make good stoles and that’s about it.

Some Toreador think of ghouls as pathetic-but-useful sycophants. Ghouls are just nice to have around as whipping boys. They’re so much fun to taunt; they take the whole Blood Bong thing way too seriously.

Many Degenerates look for extremely submissive, introverted mortals, entrapping them in erotic relationships. For a couple of wickedly fun 15-minute B&D sessions and a few drops of blood per month, a Toreador has a loyal servant who idolises her domitor, drives him everywhere, acts as a bodyguard, serves drinks at parties, and works as his booking agent.

Not all Toreador are so cruel to their ghouls. Some actually feel a semblance of love for their Blood Bound slaves. Other clan members love the adoration they get from their special fans, and so they coddle their ghouls. Devoted ghouls stay forever by their Toreador lovers’ sides, trying to be more and more helpful with each passing year in hopes of eventually being Embraced by their lithe, creative-genius masters. Requests for the Embrace are usually futile, however; a Toreador would much rather have a parasitic little helper (whom she can let age if he acts up) than another annoying vampiric “friend” who’ll compete against her in all the art shows.

Ghouls vs. Toreador

Ghouls : Fatal Addiction (pg 42)

[sounds of drinking; clears throat] Now the Toreador have got to be one of the most famous clans there is. Very pretty, very sophisticated; these are the ones you see across the room and swear to God that nothing that beautiful can possibly exist. But you watch out, ’cause these lovelies have a sharp edge to them.

[soft sigh] I don’t know if we have a unified opinion on the Toreador, because if you’ve ever met one, you know how hard it is to be objective about them. They usually pick pretty ghouls, and sometimes they have sweeping affairs with their chosen companions. The ending can be good or bad. [tapping sound: metal on wood?] Maybe there are vows of eternal love, and the ghoul gets the gift of immortality – the vampire way. Or maybe the Toreador shreds the ghoul to weeping gobbets, shrieking about betrayal. It can happen any number of ways.

[clears throat; voice is deliberately(?) dry] They’re decent fighters, but not unstoppable. They’re also most easily distracted than most – must be a side effect of those oh-so-sharpened senses. Not my first pick for game, but you could do worse.

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