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Clanbook Stereotypes : Them on Us

(The Clanbook does not contain any Us on Them Stereotypes. Go Figure.)

“Of all the munafiqun, these wastrels are surely the most worthless. They are weak with vanity and pride; little glory comes from ending these wretches.”
Munafiqun – Literally “hypocrites,” an Assamite nickname for the Camarilla.
“An interesting diversion. Most are fags, though. Some of them do have money, however, because that fancy-pants society lifestyle gets expensive. If they don’t think you’re too scandalous to deal with, they’re good investors, though I would warn against partnering with one. You know how moody these greeks can get.”
“Despicable fools who consider themselves superior to other vampires because of their art. Their addictions and obsessions often overlap with our own; throughout history these fools have often been our foes. Many Toreador appear to live on art alone; it, rather than blood, would seem to provide their sustenance. In Toreador of this nature, the most successful weapon against them is to destroy their art, thus destroying their desire for existence. Better, encourage a Ravnos to replace their precious art collection with forgeries. Another weapon of us against Toreador would be the strong passions which exist between the peers of this clan. Encourage one Toreador to humiliate another, and half your work is already done; the wounded party is likely to make any deal in order to gain satisfaction. Simply turning up at a Toreador’s party and being friendly to her can spread more dissent than a year of covert campaigning.”
“‘The children of the night – what music they make!’ Offal! Of what use are their pictures and poems? Their vaunted ‘talent’ is merely the swizzle stick with which they churn up their dull, vapid neuroses and spew them onto a defenseless canvas. And they expect accolades for such? Surely Caine would have thought twice about giving them the gift of eternity had he known they would spend it in such narcissistic masturbation.”
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