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Dark Ages Stereotypes

“We have eternity stretched out before us, while the mortals have but an eyeblink. How can we be so selfish as to spend our time fighting and despoiling? The eventual salvation of us all lies in the secrets of creative genius – you have but to look for it.”
Us on ThemThem on Us
“They are the defenders of an enlightened culture with much to offer. It is one of the world’s tragedies that they hate all other clans with such ferocity.” “They have attained some primitive enlightenment, but they are ultimately weak.”
“In their rage, they destroy exactly that which they would find worth preserving. If only they knew how to use their strength…” “We value art and accomplishment, as do they. But their disdain to fight for their beliefs damns them, as it would us, were we to rely on the Toreador.”
“The past has much to offer, but it is a death of the soul to ignore the present.” “Their search to understand the eternal through art is admirable, but until they learn to look beyond the temporal world they are doomed to fail.”
“There are many wonders in the wild places, but the Animals have sacrificed too much to look on them.” “They have great gifts and could have been our kind’s venerated bards. But instead of crafting stirring epics to exalt the valiant and praise the virtuous, the Toreador spew vilest slander and spin gaudy webs of lies.”
“How can they be so lettered and so ignorant at once? Their souls were lost to them along with their reflections.” “Any court worthy of its name has one Toreador. Of course, any court worthy of its name also has a dwarf and an idiot jester, so one more amusing freak means nothing.”
“I wonder at the design that granted them such wisdom but consumed their minds. I weep for them, because that is all that may be done for the Malkavians.” “Tch. It is truly thankless work, defending a chunk of stone or splotch of dye against the centuries. But they are wrong when they claim that nobody understands them. We do. They’re mad.”
“Ai! These things are all that is foul in the vampiric being. They may see much, but I cannot bear to hear their stories. It is too much to ask of me.” “Fools! To have been given eternity, merely to squander it questing for something as transitory as beauty.”
“These lying robbers steal without knowledge of the value of their gains. Nothing will ever be able to sate their greed, and so the hollow Ravnos dance on, until they devour themselves from spite.” “Useful guides to what is worth stealing, and useful places to sell what has been stolen, and that is what the Toreador are good for.”
“These basilisks offer poisoned gifts with honeyed promises. Be ever wary of these clever serpents.” “For all their righteous talk of the spiritual purity of art, they submit to their vices readily enough.”
“They sought immortality for all the wrong reasons, and now all Cainites are cursed with their presence. Alas for Saulot and his kin, for surely they were the most enlightened of our fellow clans.” “Faugh! They have not the spine to side with their fellows against us, and that is the only virtue I can find in the Toreador.”
“There is nothing the Tzimisce or their chosen do that deserves to survive into the next century. With luck, they and the Usurpers will exterminate one another, and their kine will be free to explore what it is to be alive.” “Mawkish, domesticated little vampires. They wish us to admire their arts, but oh, how they balk at ours! Keep them as pets until their verse begins to bore; then have them tossed in the vozhd pit.”
“Royal blood does not nobility make, and that is something that the Ventrue must understand. Forgive me if I do not stand at attention until they do.” “Value their opinions on art and architecture, but not on anything else.”
“Truly they must abhor themselves, for why else would anyone take their path? Be wary of these ones, for they seek company in their damnation.” [Clanbook : Baali] “These self-blinded narcissists are obsessed with beauty, material comforts, and vice. They are decadents lost in tepid fascination with the cattle on whom they feed. Do the Childer of Caine not already shoulder more than our fair share of dead weight and degenerates?”
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