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Time Line

? – Arikel Embraced by Enoch, the First Born. She is the first Antediluvian and twin of Malkav.
-3000 – Athens and Troy are built at this time.
-1233 : Helena is born.
-1207 : Helena Embraced by Minos [ChBN2,pg 111]
-1200 – Trojan War occurs.
-1000 – The Dionysian walks the earth.
-1000 – The Iron Age begins.
-1000 – The Greek city states begin to flourish.
-1000 – The Brujah influence over the Greeks begin to increase.
-814 – Carthage is founded by the Phoenicians.
-753 – Rome is founded.
-700 – Tinia leads 12 other Ventrue to take over the Italian Peninsula.
-431 – The Ventrue starts undermining the greeks to cut out support out from under the Brujah. Greek city states begin to decline.
-400 – The Brujah take over Carthage.
-200 – Under Camilla, the Ventrue control all of Italy.
-146 – Carthage is betrayed and sacked. The Brujah face a coalition of Cappadocians, Toreador and Malkavians under the control of the Italian Ventrue. They burn the city for 17 nights. With the aid of Mages, they salt the Earth around the city to keep the vampires in the ground.
-86 : Eletria Embraced by Helena. [ChBN2,pg 113]
0 : Birth of Christ
33 : Death of Christ.
37 : Caligula is the new Emperor of Rome. [WoD1,pg 71]
66 – The Toreador take control of Nero when he visits Greece. The Ventrue try to regain control but cause him to be come insane (unless the Malkavians also tried to control him…)
79 – Mt. Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii. Menele performed a rite to summon elementals of fire. Helena escapes to Egypt.
117 – The Roman Empire is at the height of power.
476 – Rome falls to attacking barbarians, due to the efforts of the Brujah.
500 – The begining of the Dark Ages.
541 – Bubonic Plague hits Europe.
594 – The Bubonic Plague ends after killing 1/2 of Europe’s population.
1032 – Sire Wenceslas Embraced.
1072 – The Crusades begin.
1075 – Edward Williams Embraced.
1143 – Melinda Galbraith Embraced by Helena.
1182 – Rafael de Corazon Embraced by Alexandria.
1205 – Pope Innocent the III instigates the Fourth Crusade. This will eventually lead to the Inquisition.
1215 : King John signs the Magna Carta. [WoD1,pg 12]
1230 : Francois Villon Embraced by Helena. [WoD1,pg 57]
1231 – The Inquisition founds the Society of Leopold.
1240 – The start of the Anarch Revolt.
1313 – The Inquisition winds down. The Society of Leopold takes up the slack.
– The Anarchs make peace with the Assimites.
1420 – The Anarch Revolt reaches it’s peak.
– The Renaissance begins.
1450 – The Toreador Rafeal de Corazon makes his famous speech which leads to the Camarilla and the Masquerade.
1462 – Constantinople falls to Muslim turks.
1492 – Columbus reaches America.
1493 – The signing of the Convention of Thorns.
– The “End” of the first Anarch Revolt.
– The begining of the Sabbat Movement.
– The Signing of the original Code of Milan.
1519 – Cortes arrives in Mexico with 600 men, a cannon, Helena, Quetzalcoatl, Motolina, and Bernardino. Motolina is Blood Bound to Helena and will eventually change his shape to match that of Helena’s. Cortes claims Mexico for Spain, with the help of Helena and Quetzalcoatl. Shaitan call to his masters for help. They answer by spawning the Pandemonium. Helena find Shaitan in torpor and is scared away. She runs north, leaving behind one of her Progeny, Galbraith, who becomes the Prince of Mexico City. Shaitan takes control of Galbraith.
1520 – A revolt kills 400 Spanish and the Aztec empire is reestablished.
1521 – Hernan Cortes returns and retakes Mexico in 75 days. He brings with him weapons, the Inquisition, and the Sabbat. The Sabbat recruit Galbraith, who eventually becomes the Sabbat Cardinal of Mexico.
1543 – Masdela Embraced by Elonzo.
1550 – The Renaissance winds down.
1558 – Elizebeth I ascends the throne in England.
1579 : Madame Guil Embraced by the Baron Volgirre. [BldH,pg 10]
1602 – First production of Hamlet
1645 : Lianna Embraced by Pascoe. [WoD1,pg 38]
1649 – Morgaine Embraced by Jacques.
1650 – Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh concludes that Creation occured in 4004 BC.
1650 – Sir Matthew Lubbock awakens from torpor.
1682 : Christopher Houghton Embraced by Sir Matthew Lubbock. [LAbN,pg 83]
1693 : The Treaty of Durham is signed by the Ventrue and the Toreador. [WoD1,pg 21]
1715 : Several Edinburgh Ventrue are slaughtered by the Toreadors. The Toreadors try and fail to put James Stewart on the throne. [WoD1,pg 21]
1722 : Annabelle Triabel Embraced by Maria. [ChBN2,pg 112]
1745 : The Toreador try to put Bonnie Prince Charlie on the throne. [WoD1,pg 21]
1745 – The word “vampire” first appears in the oxford dictionary.
1769 – Ransam Embraced by Juliette Dulai.
1776 – The start of the American Revolution.
1783 – The end of the American Revolution.
~1789 : Countess d’Adhemar Embraced by Madame Guil. [KmW,pg 64]
– Start of the Industial Revolution.
1791 : Elsa Linden Embraced by Annabelle Triabel. [DC,pg 56]
1799 – Napoleon gains control of France.
1800 – The Library of Congress is founded by a Toreador.
1802 : Michael Unther Embraced by Madame Guil. [BldH,pg 12]
– Napoleon is revealed to the Camarilla as a Sabbat pawn.
1804 – Napoleon becomes Emperior of France.
1806 : Modius Embraced by Annabelle Triabel. [VtM2,pg 246]
1808 – Duke Embraced by Edward Williams.
1816-1820: Byron/Polidori’s Vampire Lord Ruthven meets popular acclaim.
1820 – A greek revival dominates US architecture for the next couple of decades as an insane Toreador decides to “improve” America.
1832 : In a great war between the soldiers at Fort Dearborn and Black Hawk, the Indians suffer a grievous defeat. In the process, both Menele and Helena are so injured that they enter torpor. [ChBN2,pg 18,27]
1845 – Poe publishes the poem, The Raven.
1850 – The first vampire opera is held in Paris.
1853 – Joaquin Murietta Embraced by Christopher Houghton.
1854 – Oscar Wilde is born.
1865 – Lewis Carroll’s Alices Adventures in Wonderland is published.
1870 : Don Sebastian Embraced by Christopher Houghton. [LAbN,pg 21]
1879 – Lucina Embraced by Hausen.
1880 – Rosa Martinez Embraced by Melinda Galbraith.
1889 – Justicar Gunther dies and Madame Guil is elected the replacement Toreador Justicar.
1890 – Oscar Wilde writes The portrait of Dorian Grey.
1891 – Carnegie Hall opens in NYC.
1900 : Oscar Wilde Embraced by Endymion. [WoD1,pg 133]
1909 : Lin Jun Embraced in Paris. This chinese sorceress was a part of a Toreador plot against the Tremere. [WoD1,pg 92]
1910 – The Cubist Art movement takes shape.
1911 – The Mexican Revolution begins as the Anarchs rise up against the Camarilla, marking the start of the Second Anarch Revolution.
1914 – German Ventrue and French Toreadors start World War I.
1919 : WW I ends with the signing of the Versailles Treaty.
1927 – Leslie Boothe Embraced by Edward Williams.
1929 : The Wall Street stock market crashes. The Great Depression begins.
1929 : Latran Treaty. The Vatican is created.
1938 – Allicia Embraced by Modius.
1938 – Edge Embraced by Ted Zyncan.
1939 sept. : WWII begins in Europe.
1943 – Anntoinette Embraced by Jacques. He was killed by Witch-Hunters the night after her Embrace.
1944 6th June : Allied forces land at Normandy. [WoD1,pg 15]
1945 : WW II ends.
1963 – JFK is shot.
1983 : Bret Stryker Embraced by Annabelle Triabel. [ChBN2,pg 114]
1985 – Karen Nauve Embraced by Edward Williams.
1988 – Stephanie Embraced by Edge.
1990 : Helena awakens after 158 years of Torpor. After clawing her way out of the ground, she immediately drains Maria, her Progeny. [ChBN2,pg 27]
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