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The Guild of the Rose

“The rose, wherein the world divine makes itself flesh.” – Dante

We are the oldest clan. Founded by the first born of the First Born of Our Dark Father.

Our blood flows untainted by Final Death or Diablerie – Arikel is still alive, the First Born is still alive, and Caine is still alive.

As Arikel was embraced for her sculture – we are the creators of beauty.

From Love of His Sire’s Sire, Caine committed the first murder – thus Love is our motivation.

And to pay penance for the Sin of our Father – We are the Keepers of Humanity’s genius.

This is our legacy.

Ours are the inspiring cathedrals, the epic poems, the paintings that capture life, the songs that wrench the hearts of man.

In a world of change and darkness, only beauty is eternal and light, thus it is in beauty we find meaning, and meaning is a rare and beautiful thing, when the nights are as long as ours.

Caine sowed the land, and brought roses to bloom, striving to recreate the glory of Eden on Earth, and so must we.

This is our duty.

This is what it means to be Toreador.

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