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The Brain Tree - The Brain Tree sits alone in the haunted woods... he is the only tree to have developed intelligence, and he thirsts for knowledge. Games :: Brain Tree Quest – Jan 2k5
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Third place at Brain Tree Quest!!
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Second place at Brain Tree Quest!!
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Brain Tree Quest CHAMPION!!!
Monthly Hi-Scores, 9 – 17,
9 players
Monthly Hi-Scores, 4 – 8,
5 players
Monthly Hi-Scores, 1 – 3,
3 players

To complete a Brain Tree quest, you must first visit the Tree and accept the quest (he will ask you where and when a certain Neopian died). These answers are known by The Esophagor, who will give them to you in exchange for specific Spooky Food. You will have to feed The Esophagor twice to complete each Brain Tree quest.

The quest may be attempted once a day.

You do not have to accept the Brain Tree’s quest before you accept the Esophagor’s; thus, you can view his first request before you accept the Brain Tree’s quest, then give him the items after accepting the Brain Tree quest to get the first bit of info, or let it time out if the requests are too expensive. Doing this allows you to only take the risk on one question, instead of two.

Unless you really want to throw money away, we do not recommend spending too much on The Esophagor’s requests. It is possible for him to ask for – and we know this from experience – Scary Soup followed by a Bat Cookie. When you are not on a Brain Tree quest, The Esophagor rewards you with a random item.

The Hi-Score table is entirely based on the NP reward, so it’s entirely random.

His reward is usually 1,000-2,000NP, and an item from the list below.

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